Stochastic and multi-criteria optimization for remanufacturing industry

讲座名称: Stochastic and multi-criteria optimization for remanufacturing industry
讲座时间: 2024-04-10
讲座人: Chu Feng
形式: 线下
校区: 兴庆校区

讲座专家:Chu Feng 教授

时间:2024.4.10 9:00



摘要:End-of-Life(EOl)products disassembly in remanufacturing, such asautomobile, mobile phone, etc, has received extensive attention in recent yearsowing to their advantages in saving non-renewable resources, protecting theenvironment and promoting economic growth. In the existing literature, 1) most ofstochastic disassembly line balancing problems assume that the probabilitydistributions of uncertain parameters are known; 2) maiority of disassembly linebalancing problems focus on single product; 3) few works study the disassembly linebalancing related reverse supply chain (RSC) design problems. To reduce theseresearch gaps, three new disassembly line balancing related problems areinvestigated. Firstly, a single product disassembly line balancing problem (DLBP) withpartial information of task processing times is studied. Secondly, a new stochasticmulti-product DLBP with uncertain task processing time is addressed. Finally, a novelmulti-product disassembly line balancing related RSC design problem is investigatedwhere EOL products supply, components demand and task processing times areassumed to be uncertain

个人简介:Chu Feng(储凤)教授是法国国家特I级教授,巴黎萨克雷大学IBISC实验室AROBAS研究团队负责人,QL0 Department系主任。法国教育部科技精英奖(PES)获得者、法国教育部优秀博导奖(PEDR)获得者。入选 2017年福建省闽江学者、2016年四川省千人计划、2013年安徽省首批外专百人计划、合肥工业大学黄山学者,现任InternationalJournalofProduction Research、lEEETransactionsIntelligentTransportation Systems、 lEEETransactions on Automation Science andEngineering副主编。