Rotational Energy Harvesting for Industrial IoT Nodes(工业物联网节点的旋转能量俘获技术)

讲座名称: Rotational Energy Harvesting for Industrial IoT Nodes(工业物联网节点的旋转能量俘获技术)
讲座时间: 2024-04-06
讲座人: Sebastian Bader
形式: 线下
校区: 创新港

讲座题目:Rotational Energy Harvesting for Industrial IoT Nodes(工业物联网节点的旋转能量俘获技术)



讲座学者:Sebastian Bader副教授



Sebastian Bader is anAssociateProfessor of embedded systems with the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at Mid Sweden University. His research interests are focused on energy aspects of low-power sensor systems, with current research activities in the areas of energy harvesting, low-power IoT systems, and tiny machine learning. Within energy harvesting, Sebastian has an interest in low-power photovoltaic systems, as well as kinetic energy harvesting. He is also interested in the design methods and tools for the design automation of such systems. Sebastian has been a visiting researcher in Australia and the United Kingdom, and is active in several international projects, conferences and committees.


Recent technological advancements have led to an increased interest in low-power computing, sensing, and communication, which are the building blocks of Internet of Things (IoT) end-devices. In many application domains, these devices are envisioned to operate wirelessly for long periods of time, creating challenges for purely battery-powered operation. The conversion of energy from ambient energy sources – commonly referred to as energy harvesting – has been identified as a potential solution.

This talk provides insights on energy harvesting systems and discusses an example based on the conversion of rotational energy in industrial applications. The concept of an electromagnetic generator based on the variable reluctance principle is presented, and ideas are given how to integrate this technology into an energy harvesting system for industrial IoT nodes.