Why is inequality higher among the old? Evidence from China

讲座名称: Why is inequality higher among the old? Evidence from China
讲座时间 2019-11-22
讲座地点 西安交大财经校区教学楼8楼国际交流厅
讲座人 刘子宁

报告题目:Why is inequality higher among the old? Evidence from China
This paper studies income inequality in old age and compares the income inequality over the life cycle. We develop a theoretical framework and a new empirical method to show that income is more unequally distributed in old age than in working age. We combine the regression-based inequality decomposition method and the three-step mediating effect test to analyze the transmission of income inequality from initial socioeconomic differences to income inequality in old age. Our study is based on a panel of over 4,000 old households from the China Health and Nutrition Survey during 1991-2015. We find that the urban-rural gap and educational inequality are the primary causes of old-age income inequality. The effect of the urban-rural gap is partially mediated by educational inequality. Inequality accumulates with age and is reinforced in old age by the Chinese public pension system, which is fragmented by occupational sector.


刘子宁,女,现为北京大学经济学院风险管理与保险学系博士研究生。主要研究方向为养老保障、健康保险扶贫和长期护理保险等,擅长微观实证计量。研究成果发表于《金融研究》、《经济科学》和Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice等期刊,另有工作论文入选美国风险与保险学会年会(ARIA)、亚太风险与保险学会年会(APRIA)、中国保险与风险管理国际年会和中国经济学年会等。

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