Publishing with Chem from Cell Press

讲座名称: Publishing with Chem from Cell Press
讲座时间 2018-09-18
讲座地点 兴庆校区教学二区化工学院办公楼106会议室
讲座人 Robert Eagling
讲座题目:Publishing with Chem from Cell Press
讲座时间:2018年9月18日 9:30 AM
讲座人:Robert Eagling
Chem introduction
Chemis the first chemistry journal from Cell Press and sister journal to Cell. It is launched to publish high-profile papers in general chemistry subject and provides a home for insightful/game changing research for potential solutions to the global challenges of tomorrow. The scopes of Chem is strongly connected to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). As the premier journal of Cell Press as well as Cell, Chem is devoted to contribute positive impact of chemistry on society and targeting to be one of the leading journals in Chemistry. The first partial impact factor of Chem released in June 2018 is 14.1.
Outline of the talk
1. Cell Press and the journals Introduction
2. In house editorial and peer review process
3. Editor's insights
Chem是Cell Press最新推出的综合性化学期刊,目前已经出版26期。第一个半影响因子为14.1,Chem致力于推广化学及其交叉领域的创造性突破,刊发旨在解决全球性挑战的应用和基础研究论文。

Dr Robert Eagling

Editor-in-Chief, Chem, Cell Press

Robert Eagling, PhD, is a graduate of Newcastle University in England (both degree and PhD) and brings to Chem his over 16 years of experience in chemistry publishing, which includes journals, book commissioning and the organization of high profile conferences such as the International Symposium on Advancing the Chemical Sciences (ISACS). He came to Cell Press from the Royal Society for Chemistry, where he helped grow submissions, readership and overall impact factors of Chemical Society Reviews and Chemical Communications and led the launch of Chemical Science.

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