Interfacial phenomena involved in the manipulation of drops and bubbles

讲座名称: Interfacial phenomena involved in the manipulation of drops and bubbles
讲座时间 2017-12-27
讲座地点 航天航空学院教一楼第二会议室
讲座人 江晓凤
讲座题目:Interfacial phenomena involved in the manipulation of drops and bubbles
The interfacial phenomenon coupled together with multi-phase flow, is a multi-disciplinary field and widely exists in numerous industrial processes, such as emulsification, polymer devolatilization, absorption, flotation, inkjet printing, fermentation, glass manufacture, electrospray and so on. Drops and bubbles are typical models to investigate these interfacial phenomena. Thus the drop (bubble) involved interface manipulation, including the breakup of interface and drop’s motion on superhydrophobic surface, was investigated. Firstly, the pinch-off dynamics of both homogenous fluids and heterogeneous ferrrofluids, unconfined liquid-liquid (liquid-gas) or confined liquid-liquid systems was investigated by a high-speed camera. And a dripping-on-substrate (DoS) system was designed to further study the rapid pinch-off combining the high-speed camera and ultra-high-speed acquisition device of electric signals. Then the drop manipulation on superhydrophobic interface was conducted through two distinct approaches: superhydrophobic coating on a substrate and superhydrophobic particles enveloping a liquid drop to form “liquid marble”. The hurdling behavior of liquid drops on superhydrophobic obstacles and undressing dynamics of liquid marbles on oil films were discussed and the slope motion of liquid drops and liquid marbles were then compared.




Ms Jiang Xiaofeng is a doctor who has just graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques (ENSIC) in France. During her PhD stage, she has published papers with the first author in journals like Physical Review E, Adv. Mater. Interfaces, Chem. Eng. Sci., Chem. Eng. Res. Des. etc. Her research interest lies in the interfacial phenomena like interface pinch-off, drop manipulation through superhydrophobicity, drop coalescence and drop impact. She will give a talk to introduce her PhD work.

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