Survey on cycle double cover conjecture

讲座名称: Survey on cycle double cover conjecture
讲座时间 2017-04-21
讲座地点 理科楼407
讲座人 Cun-Quan Zhang

报告题目:Survey on cycle double cover conjecture

报告人:Cun-Quan Zhang

报告摘要:The Circuit Double Cover Conjecture is one of the most famous open problems in graph theory: every 2-connected graph has a family of circuits that covers every edge precisely twice. This introduction talk will survey the history of the conjecture and some results related to following promising approaches to this conjecture.


个人简介:张存铨 (Cun-Quan Zhang),博士,美国 West Virginia 大学 Eberly 首席教授,Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications 和 Advances and Applications in Discrete Mathematics 编委,国际上从事图论及其应用研究的著名专家。具体研究工作包括:图论理论方面的流理论、圈覆盖问题;图论应用方面的网络结构、离散优化、算法、优化、数据挖掘、社会网络以及生物信息学等。先后主持美国国家级科研项目11项,出版两本专著 《Integer Flows and Cycle Covers of Graphs》 和 《Circuit Double Covers of Graphs》,仅国际顶级期刊Journal of Combinatorial Theory B、Transaction of the American Mathematics Society、Journal of Graph Theory上发表的论文就有40余篇。


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