A synthesis and study of artificial magnetic skyrmions

讲座名称: A synthesis and study of artificial magnetic skyrmions
讲座时间 2016-07-04
讲座地点 中1-3113室
讲座人 Ziqiang Qiu
题目:A synthesis and study of artificial magnetic skyrmions

报告人:Ziqiang Qiu(邱子强)Chair Professor,Dept. of Physics, UC-Berkeley




A magnetic skyrmion is a topological twist of two-dimensional spin texture which exhibits many fascinating properties.  In experiment, magnetic skyrmions were recently realized in 2009 in several experimental systems as a result of Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions (DMI). An alternative approach is to produce non-collinear spins in magnetic vortex states.  With this motivation, we fabricated single crystalline Co disks on perpendicularly magnetized Ni/Cu(001) film to create artificial skyrmions whose topology can be tailored by changing the relative orientation between the vortex core polarity and the surrounding perpendicular magnetization.  In this way, we studied the topological effect of the skyrmion using Photoemission Electron Microscopy (PEEM).  By applying an in-plane magnetic field of various strength, we find strong evidence that the annihilation of the vortex core depends on the topological skyrmion number of the system.


Ziqiang Qiu(邱子强)Chair Professor,Dept. of Physics, UC-Berkeley。

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