Numerical Methods for Solving Hyperbolic Systems of Equations

讲座名称: Numerical Methods for Solving Hyperbolic Systems of Equations
讲座时间 2018-11-08
讲座地点 航天航空学院教一楼第二会议室
讲座人 Vasily Golubev

时间: 2018年11月8日下午16:30-17:30
地点: 航天航空学院教一楼第二会议室
报告二:Numerical Methods for Solving Hyperbolic Systems of Equations
报告人:Vasily Golubev博士
Hyperbolic systems arise in many fundamental and applied problems. According to the internal mathematical properties they can be solved precisely with coordinate splitting approach as a set of transport equations. In this report the basis of grid-characeristis method in 3D dimensions will be presented. To improve the approximation order the compact schemes were successfully developed and verified. It allows us to deal with continuous and discontinuous solutions. A set of numerical calculation related to seismic survey, seismic resistance and inverse seismic problems will be discussed.


Dr.Vasily Golubev,senior researcher at laboratory of applied numerical geophysics, assistant professor at computer science department,Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. In November 2014, he successfully defended his thesis on the topic "Numerical solution of spatial dynamic problems of mechanics of inhomogeneous deformable media" for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences. He published more than 57 scientific papers, including 6 articles in the journals of the Web of Science citations system, 23 in the Scopus system, 1 monograph.

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