Huub H. M. Rijnaarts教授系列讲座二:Removal of emerging, micro pollutants from water

讲座名称: Huub H. M. Rijnaarts教授系列讲座二:Removal of emerging, micro pollutants from water
讲座时间 2018-11-14
讲座地点 北二楼1402会议室
讲座人 Huub H. M. Rijnaarts

讲座题目:Removal of emerging, micro pollutants from water
讲座时间:2018-11-14, 16:10~18:10
讲座人:Professor Huub H. M. Rijnaarts
This lecture will be about emerging organic chemicals and where these can be removed from the water cycle. Different types of pollutants are addressed such as pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, personal care products, pesticides, and industrial chemicals. Waste water treatment plants (WWTP) are designed to remove nutrients and bulk organics at influent concentrations of 100~10.000 mg COD/L. Many organic micro-pollutants are present in sewage at ng-μg-mg level, and not or only partly degraded in current WWTPs  therefore requiring post treatment of effluents to avoid their emission into the aquatic environment.  Different forms of treatment, biological, physical chemical and combined technologies are presented for different compounds and their effectivity is being.  


Professor Huub H. M. Rijnaarts

Current position:
Professor in Environment and Water Technology, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Fields of expertise:
Water technology: Biological and Physical/Chemical Removal of Organics and Micro pollutants from Water, Soil and Groundwater; Sustainable Desalinization; Water Disinfection.

Environmental management: 
Urban/Industrial Harvest and safe resue of urban and industrial water and related carbon and nutrient resources.

Qualifications (diploma's, degrees):
1994: PhD Wageningen University

1988: MSc Wageningen University, cum laude

1986: BSc Wageningen University

Related Positions:

Since 2009: Chairman Sub-department of Environmental Technology Wageningen University

Since 2012: Director of Research School WIMEK, Wageningen University

2013-2018: Chairman Board Graduate School Sense

Since 2015: Member of Board of AMS, Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

Publications & Related award:

Publication: 120 peer reviewed scientific articles, 16 conference paper, 5 scientific reports, 4 book chapters.

Hisch index: 28

Citations: 3259

Related award: Chined4D NWO grant for china-The Netherlands interaction on urban sustainability


Graduated in 2009-2017, 2 graduations planned, 24 ongoing.

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