Quantum Transport in Light-Harvesting Systems and Organic Semiconductors

讲座名称: Quantum Transport in Light-Harvesting Systems and Organic Semiconductors
讲座时间 2018-09-25
讲座地点 中偀楼B253室
讲座人 Jianshu Cao

报告题目:Quantum Transport in Light-Harvesting Systems and Organic Semiconductors

报告人:Prof. Jianshu Cao,Department of Chemistry, MIT
Quantum coherence is a key concept in physics and chemistry and will be discussed in the context of charge mobility/exciton diffusion in organic semiconductors and energy transfer in light-harvesting complexes.
I. Coherent quantum transport in disordered systems displays an optimal diffusion constant at an intermediate level of noise and temperature. [1] Detailed calculations indicate the crucial role of localization length in coherent transport and predict charge mobility close to experimental values. [2] Further, we have explored the subtle dependence of the diffusion constant on the dimensionality and shape of the sample and demonstrated the universal scaling of the 1D-2D transition in nanotubes. [3]
II. Forster energy transfer theory has been extended to multi-chromophoric (MC) systems by incorporating the correlation between exciton and its environments. This correlation leads to the rotation of the reduced density matrix and is fully counted in two recently- developed methods: numerically exact stochastic path integrals (SPI) [4] and theoretically self-consistent coherent potential approximation (CPA) [5]. Application of these methods demonstrates incoherent hopping in FMO [6] and coherent transfer in LH2 [7].
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CV of Prof. Jianshu Cao

Jianshu Cao is Full Professor of Chemistry, MIT.

He received his academic degrees : Ph.D., Department of Physics, Columbia University, New York, 1993; M. Phil., Department of Physics, Columbia University, New York, 1989; B. Sc., Department of Physics, Zhejiang University, Hang Zhou, 1986. He obtained many awards including 2016 Guest Professorship in Computational Science Research Center (CSRC); 2014 Chair Professorship in Xiamen University; 2012 SMART Professorship; 2005 Overseas Chinese Scholarship Award; 2003 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award; 2001 NSF Early Career Award;1999 Young Researcher Award, International Conference on Luminescence; 1999 Research Corporation Innovation Award. The focus of his current research program is the development of theoretical and computational methods to study condensed phase dynamical processes in complex physical chemistry systems. Over the last five year (Jan. 2013 - Dec. 2018), my group has published over 56 papers, including 5 in Physical Review Letters, 1 in PNAS, 5 in JPC Letters, 3 in Scientific Reports, 3 in Nano Letters, and 2 in Nature Communications. 20% of these publications are collaborative.

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