Designing with Polymer Composites: Achievements and new challenges

讲座名称: Designing with Polymer Composites: Achievements and new challenges
讲座时间 2018-09-18
讲座地点 航天航空学院教一楼第三会议室
讲座人 Costas Soutis

讲座时间: 2018年9月18日下午14:45-16:15
讲座地点: 航天航空学院教一楼第三会议室
报告人: Prof.Costas Soutis,FREng,CEng,FIMechE,FRAeS,FIMMM
报告题目: Designing with Polymer Composites: Achievements and new challenges
摘要:Modern composites, made up of carbon fibres and toughened epoxy resins, are lighter/stiffer/stronger and increase fuel efficiency in aircraft, compared with the aluminium currently used. They have been used in the Airbus A380 super jumbo, the first fully double-decked passenger jet (with more than 550 seats, but certified for 853 passengers), the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ aircraft and the A350 that came to service in 2015. The primary structure, including the wing and fuselage, of the B787 200-seater passenger jet is built mostly from composite materials and is advertised to be 20% more fuel efficient than current commercial planes with almost 60% more cargo space than the Airbus A300-200. It is accepted that modern composite systems offer a variety of advantages, however, affordability
(reduced acquisition and direct operating costs, while maintaining or enhancing safety) is the key to survival in aerospace manufacturing, whether civil or military. Therefore current research effort is devoted to analysis and computational simulation of the manufacturing and assembly process as well as the simulation of the performance of the structure, since these are intimately connected.
In this talk, applications of modern composite systems will be presented and achievements, but also challenges, in the modelling and characterisation of such materials will be discussed with some thoughts on future needs, developments and prospects for novel materials (3D woven architectures) and processes, structural health monitoring (SHM), maintenance and repair. Textile technologies such as weaving, braiding, stitching, tufting and embroidery, which are at the heart of preforming research at Manchester, will be presented since they can lead to more damage resistant and tolerant designs of interest to aerospace, automotive and marine industries. Some novel fibre placement machines that have been developed by combining expertise in textile technology and robotics will also be shown.


Professor Constantinos Soutis FREng, is holding a Chair in Aerospace Engineering, and he is the Director of the Aerospace Research Institute and Director of the Northwest Composites Centre at the University of Manchester, UK. Prior to this, he has held positions at the University of Sheffield, Imperial College London, University of Leicester, University of Cambridge and visiting Professorial posts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of South Carolina, USA. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and leading authority on mechanics and failure of composites, with significant contributions on modelling damage mechanisms and structural health monitoring using low frequency Lamb waves techniques.
His industrial research and engineering experience includes work with the Structural Materials Centre of the British Defence Evaluation & Research Agency (visiting research fellow, 1995-2001), QinetiQ (Trusted Expert,2001-2003), Dowty Propellers, and ABB Research in Switzerland. He is the author or co-author of over 400 archived articles, with Highly cited, Google Scholar Citations: 8426, h-index: 45 and i10-index: 139, Scopus Author hindex: 42 with over 5,711 citations. Nearly 30 PhD students qualified under his supervision and guidance.
He is serving as the Deputy Editor of the Applied Composite Materials Journal,Associate Editor of the RAeS Aeronautical Journal,Associate Editor of the International Journal of Structural Health Monitoring,and the member of the Editorial Board of Progress in Aerospace Sciences,Composites Science&Technology,Structural Integrity&Durability, Journal of ASTM International,Journal of Plastics,Rubber&Composites,Advanced Composites Letters, Int.Journal of Structural Integrity. 

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