KnowledgeSharing in a Global Logistics Provider: An Action Research Project

讲座名称: KnowledgeSharing in a Global Logistics Provider: An Action Research Project
讲座时间 2018-09-13
讲座地点 管理学院315会议室
讲座人 Robert Davison

题目:KnowledgeSharing in a Global Logistics Provider: An Action Research Project
主讲人:Prof.Robert Davison 香港城市大学
We report on anAction Research investigation into knowledge-sharing practices in Velox, aglobal logistics organisation and in particular its operations in Guangzhou,China. Our study is premised on Work Systems Theory and Punctuated EquilibriumTheory. Following a description of background and context, we describe twolinked Action Research cycles, following the principles and criteria forCanonical Action Research. Our interventions were successful, with bothmanagers and employees at Velox expressing satisfaction with the outcomes,which included radical changes to operational procedures. We discuss theimplications and contributions for theory, practice and method.


RobertDavison is a Professor of Information Systems at the City University of HongKong. His research focuses on the use and misuse ofinformation systems, especially with respect to problem solving, guanxiformation and knowledge management, in Chinese organizations. He haspublished over 90 articles in a variety of journals such as MIS Quarterly, theInformation Systems Journal, IT&People, Journal of IT, Journal of the AIS,Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, IEEETransactions on Engineering Management, Decision Support Systems,Communications of the AIS, and Communications of the ACM. Robert chairs the IFIP WG 9.4 (Social Implications of Computing inDeveloping Countries) and is the Editor-in-Chief of the InformationSystems Journal and the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in DevelopingCountries. Robert travels extensively, seeking tounderstand how people in different contexts and cultures make sense of theirlives with IS. As a researcher and as an editor, he seeks to promote both aninclusive and a local perspective to research. Home Page:

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