Case Studies in Delivering Plasma Produced Activation Energy to Surfaces: Liquids to Microelectronics

讲座名称: Case Studies in Delivering Plasma Produced Activation Energy to Surfaces: Liquids to Microelectronics
讲座时间 2018-08-15
讲座地点 电信学院电子物理所会议室(教二楼南206)
讲座人 Mark J. Kushner

应电信学院李永东教授、常超教授的邀请,美国密西根大学Mark J. Kushner教授近期前来我校访问,并将做相关学术报告。

讲座题目:Case Studies in Delivering Plasma Produced Activation Energy to Surfaces: Liquids to Microelectronics
讲座时间:2018-08-15 上午8:30-10:00
讲座人:Mark J. Kushner教授
讲座内容:Many of the recent advances in materials processing have relied on synergistic and sometimes fortuitous interactions of plasma produced activation energy – radicals, ions photons – with surfaces.  As control of plasmas is becoming more refined, new opportunities arise to leverage this activation energy for fabrication of new materials and to innovate new applications.  On one extreme, these advances have been motivated by the increasingly more difficult to meet demands of microelectronics fabrication, having smaller features with tighter critical dimensions.  At another extreme, plasma treatment of biological materials, from polymers to living tissue, is motivating an entirely new regime of control of plasmas at atmospheric pressure.  These latter processes have brought to the forefront the interactions of plasma with liquids, with applications ranging from human therapies to agriculture.  In this talk, strategies for controlling plasma produced activation energy to surfaces will be discussed with examples from computer modeling of plasma chemistry and plasma surface interactions for microelectronics fabrication and plasma activation of liquids.  Plasma activated microelectronics processes is challenged by plasma etching of high aspect ratio features (aspect ratios > 100) and atomic layer etching having sub-monolayer control. In principle, plasma activation of liquids share the same challenges of selectively controlling activation energy – however, doing so at atmospheric pressure brings a yet another unique set of challenges.




Mark J. Kushner博士,密西根大学电气工程与计算机科学系教授,美国国家工程院院士,IEEE Fellow,密西根大学等离子体科学与工程研究所主任。Mark J. Kushner教授的研究涉及低温等离子体的基本原理及其应用,曾在专业协会、学术会议和科学出版领域担任过领导职务

Director, Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering

Director, Department of Energy Plasma Science Center

George I. Haddad Professor of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, Applied Physics Program, Department of Chemical Engineering

Awards and Honors:
2017 Plasma Chemistry Award, International Society for Plasma Chemistry  
2017 Distinguished Technical Lecture, Dept. Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State Univ.
2016 Bikerman Lecture, Dept. of Chemical &Biomolecular Engr., Case Western Reserve Univ.
2016 Doctor Honoris Causa, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
2016-2017 Distinguished Lecturer, American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics
2015 Charles K. Birdsall Award, Inst. Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2015
2011 National Academy of Engineering
2010 Will Allis Prize for the Study of Ionized Gases, American Physical Society
2010 Medard Welch Award, American Vacuum Society (AVS)
2009 Alumni Academic Achievement Award, UCLA School of Engineering
2008 Semiconductor Industry Association University Researcher Award
2001-2003 AVS Distinguished Lecturer
2000 IEEE Plasma Science and Applications Award,
1999 AVS Plasma Science and Technology Prize
1997 Tegal Corporation Thinker Award for Plasma Processing Technology
1995 Semiconductor Research Corporation Technical Excellence Award
1995 Japanese Society for Advancement of Science Fellow
Journal of Physics D-Highlights Collection: 2010, 2011, 2012 (2), 2013, 2014

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