Rational design of fatigue-free phase-transforming solids

讲座名称: Rational design of fatigue-free phase-transforming solids
讲座时间 2018-05-21
讲座地点 西二楼A102,曲江校区
讲座人 陈弦
讲座题目:Rational design of fatigue-free phase-transforming solids
讲座人:陈弦 博士(Dr. Xian Chen)香港科技大学  助理教授
讲座内容:Materials undergoing reversible solid-solid phase transformations provide emerging applications such as biomedical implants and stents, microelectronic actuators and sensors. The essential functionality of these materials is the ability to recover large deformation (i.e. 5~8%) before and after the structural transformation driven by temperature/stress/electromagnetic fields. It has been theorized that the macroscopic behaviors depend strongly on the kinematic conditions at atomistic scales [1]. This set of mathematical conditions underlie the material design strategy and have been proven by experiments that when the lattice parameters closely meet such conditions, the materials do not fatigue even under demanding loads up to millions of cycles [2, 3, 4]. This talk will present the idea for the design of fatigue-free phase-changing materials from three aspects: fundamental theories; rationalization of the strategy for alloy development; in situ and ex situ quantitative microstructure and micromechanics characterizations. 
[1] X. Chen, V. Srivastava, V. Dabade and R. D. James, J. Mech. Phys. Solids 61(2013): 2566. 
[2] Y. Song, X. Chen, V. Dabade, TW. Shield and R. D. James, Nature 502(2013): 85. 
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[4] C. Chluba, W. Ge, R. Lima de Miranda, J. Strobel, L. Kienle, E. Quandt, and M. Wuttig. Science, 348(6238):1004, 2015.



Professor Xian Chen is currently an Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. in Solid Mechanics from the department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, University of Minnesota, United States. Afterwards, she worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab as the ALS Postdoctoral Fellow. Prof Chen was working at the Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Caltech from 2015 to 2016 as visiting faculty.

The research of Prof Chen’s group integrates the theories of mechanics of crystalline solids with advanced structural characterization methods and algorithms to develop new phase-transforming materials having desirable properties. These materials have emerging applications in medical devices, microelectronics and energy conversion devices. In 2015, Prof Chen received the Early Career Award for the GRF grant - Investigation of microstructure-reversibility relationship for phase-transforming materials.

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