Technological Trends of Automotive Transmission Systems

讲座名称: Technological Trends of Automotive Transmission Systems
讲座时间 2018-05-11
讲座地点 机械学院第三会议室(西二楼西248)
讲座人 张毅


讲座题目:Technological Trends of Automotive Transmission Systems
讲座摘要:This talk is focused on the current status and trend of technological developments of various types of automotive power transmission systems. The talk will first introduce concurrent designs of multiple ratio automatic transmissions, including the layouts of planetary gear trains, clutch arrangement and sequencing. Powertrain system dynamics and control strategies will then be presented in the talk, using an 8-speed production AT as the example. In addition to technologies of conventional automatic transmissions, the torque transmission and ratio control mechanisms for continuously variable transmissions (CVT) will be also highlighted in the talk. Furthermore, the system dynamics and operation control of hybrid and electric vehicles will be presented, using production hybrid vehicle models as case studies. The seminar ends with the clutch torque formulation and control of dual clutch transmissions.




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