Research in Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems

讲座名称: Research in Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems
讲座时间 2018-05-09
讲座地点 Conference Room on the Second Floor, School of Energy and Power Engineering(北二楼二楼会议室,能源与动力工程学院)
讲座人 Francis Livens
讲座题目:Research in Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems
讲座时间: 2018年5月9日 下午2:30-3:30
讲座地点:北二楼二楼会议室,能源与动力工程学院(Conference Room on the Second Floor, School of Energy and Power Engineering)
讲座人:Professor Francis Livens,Director, Dalton Nuclear Institute, The University of Manchester
The UK is not presently an active member of the Generation IV International Forum, but the UK Government is supporting research in two areas: small, light water reactors, and advanced reactors. Some candidate advanced reactor designs are similar to Generation IV concepts.
Within Manchester, we support these activities with research into many technical aspects, including thermal hydraulics and computational fluid dynamics; advanced fuels; molten salt systems; manufacturing research for advanced reactors; fuel cladding and accident tolerant fuels; and recycle. We also carry out research into the regulation, planning, siting and public acceptance of advanced nuclear energy systems, and technology selection.
Examples will be presented from this portfolio, including the U-Battery micro-reactor; research into thermal hydraulics, manufacturing and materials performance and molten salt systems, and also the Generic Feasibility Assessment methodology for comparing competing technologies.



Prof Francis Livens has held a radiochemistry position at The University of Manchester since 1991.He worked for over 30 years in environmental radioactivity and actinide chemistry, starting his career with the Natural Environment Research Council, where he was involved in the response to the Chernobyl accident. At The University of Manchester, he has worked in many aspects of nuclear fuel cycle research, including effluent treatment, waste immobilisation and actinide chemistry. He was the founding Director of the Centre for Radiochemistry Research, established in Manchester in 1999 and is now interim Director of the Dalton Nuclear Institute and Director of the EPSRC-funded Next Generation Nuclear Centre for Doctoral Training. He has acted as an advisor to the nuclear industry both in the UK and overseas.

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