Single-atom Catalysts: Structure, Stability and Reactivity

讲座名称: Single-atom Catalysts: Structure, Stability and Reactivity
讲座时间 2018-01-04
讲座地点 西安交通大学化工学院办公楼202
讲座人 颜宁
讲座题目:Single-atom Catalysts: Structure, Stability and Reactivity
讲座人:Ning Yan, Assistant Professor(National University of Singapore)
Single-atom metal catalyst offers a promising way to utilize the precious noble metal elements more effectively, provided these isolated atoms are catalytically active and sufficiently stable. We have developed a synthetic strategy for Pt single-atom catalyst with outstanding stability in a series of reactions under demanding conditions. The Pt atoms are firmly embedded in the internal surface of mesoporous Al2O3that are enriched with coordinatively unsaturated pentahedral Al3+centers. Activity was fully maintained in CO oxidation after 60 cycles between 100oC and 400oC over one-month period without any metal aggregation or support deterioration. The catalyst also kept its structural integrity and excellent performance for selective hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene, after exposure to reductive atmosphere at 200 °C for 24 h. Moreover, this system exhibited much enhanced stability and performance for n-hexane hydro-reforming at 550 °C for 48 h than control sample and commercial Pt nanoparticle catalyst on Al2O3. We have also developed Pt1 single-atom catalyst on phosphomolybdic acid (PMA) modified active carbon (AC), in which the accurate location and electronic state of reduced single metal atoms been determined, thus allow rational understanding of structure-reactivity correlations. This strategy could be extended to the synthesis of other single-atom catalysts such as Rh.


讲座题目:Single-atom Catalysts: Structure, Stability and Reactivity
讲座人:Ning Yan, Assistant Professor(National University of Singapore)
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