Process modelling of reacting flows and industry applications

讲座名称: Process modelling of reacting flows and industry applications
讲座时间 2017-09-28
讲座地点 北二楼2楼会议室
讲座人 Yansong Shen

应动力工程多相流国家重点实验室副主任白博峰教授的邀请,澳大利亚新南威尔士大学Yansong Shen教授将于9月28日(周四)在我校进行访问交流并举办学术讲座,欢迎感兴趣的老师和同学参加。

报告题目: Process modelling of reacting flows and industry applications
报告摘要: Process design and control plays a significant role in modern industries. Most processes and reactors are very complex, as they usually involve not only multiphase flows but also heat and mass transfers related to chemical reactions and their interactions. The operation must be optimized in order to be competitive and sustainable, particularly under the more and more demanding economic and environmental conditions. This will need continuous innovative research and development. Computer simulation and modelling, supported by experiments, has emerged as an indispensable adjunct to the traditional modes of investigation for design, control and optimization of processes, reactors, and devices.  In this presentation, Dr Shen will report his core research on process modelling and design of reacting flows and the applications to a range of complex processes and reactors in conventional and emerging industries. Several examples of industry applications will be used for demonstration, including process metallurgy, coal preparation and utilization. The modelling works are indeed helpful to understand fundamentals and optimize & develop new, cleaner and more efficient technologies with measurable industrial outcomes.




Yansong Shen教授,澳大利亚新南威尔士大学。

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