Synthesis and Ignition of Energetic Materials

讲座名称: Synthesis and Ignition of Energetic Materials
讲座时间 2017-09-23
讲座地点 北二楼大厅会议室
讲座人 郑晓琳


报告题目:Synthesis and Ignition of Energetic Materials
报告时间:2017年9月23日 上午10:00 -11:30
Energetic materials, such as aluminum (Al) and silicon (Si), due to their large volumetric energy densities, earth abundance, and low cost, have broad applications in propulsion, thermal batteries, waste disposal and power generation for microsystems. The energetic materials are commonly prepared by mechanically mixing fuel and oxidizer powders, so the non-uniform mixing leads to difficulty in ignition and slow energy release rates. Ideal energetic materials would have the reactive components mixed on an atomic to nanometer scale to reduce the mass transport distance and increase the interfacial surface area. In this study, I will present two examples on strategies to facilitate the ignition of energetic materials. The first example illustrates our efforts in synthesizing various Al and CuO core/shell structures and characterizing their impact on their reaction onset temperatures. The second example discusses a Xe flash optical ignition method that we invented to utilize the photothermal effect to achieve areal ignition. We have successfully used the Xe flash method to ignition Al nanoparticles (NPs), with extension to Al micron-sized particles (MPs), porous Si, Si NPs and MPs. I believe that our synthetic and optical ignition approaches can be broadly applied to other energetic materials to facilitate their ignition properties.


讲座人简介:Prof. Xiaolin Zheng (郑晓琳 副教授)
郑晓琳副教授自2007年起就职于美国斯坦福大学机械工程系,致力于火焰合成纳米材料及其在太阳能转化、纳米含能材料、柔性电子设备的应用的研究。郑教授于2000年获得清华大学热能工程系的本科学位,于2006年获得美国普林斯顿大学机械与航空工程系博士学位,并在美国哈佛大学化学与化学生物学系完成了为期一年的博士后工作。郑教授的工作在美国以及国际上都获得了高度的认可,其中包括2016年美国加州理工学院Resnick研究院授予的Resonate奖,Nano Letters期刊授予的青年教授奖(2015年),MIT科技评论授予的风云人物(2013年),Foreign Policy杂志评选的百名全球思想领袖之一(2013年),美国白宫授予的杰出青年科研总统奖(2009年),美国海军研究院(2008年)以及美国国防部高级研究院(2008年)授予的青年学者奖,美国斯坦福大学授予的Terman青年教授奖(2007年),以及美国燃烧协会授予的Bernard Lewis奖。

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