Regularity for double phase problems

讲座名称: Regularity for double phase problems
讲座时间 2017-09-10
讲座地点 理科楼407
讲座人 Sun-Sig Byun
报告题目:Regularity for double phase problems
报告时间 : 2017年9月13日上午10:30 - 11:20(星期三)
报告地点: 理科楼407
报告人:Sun-Sig Byun, Professor
                Department of Mathematical Sciences
                Seoul National University, Korea
    We discuss on recent advances in the regularity for a class of non-uniformly elliptic and  parabolic  problems  with phase  transitions. Besides,  we  consider double  phase problem with BMO coefficient in divergence form on a bounded  nonsmooth  domain. The  problem under consideration  is characterized  by the fact  that both ellipticity and growth switch between a type of polynomial and a type of logarithm according to the position, which describes a feature of strongly anisotropic materials.We obtain the global Calderón–Zygmund type estimates for the distributional solution in the case that the associated nonlinearity has a small BMO and the boundary of the domain is sufficiently flat in the Reifenberg sense.


Professor Sun-Sig  Byun’s research focuses on Regularity for partial differential equations ,applications of functional analysis to partial differential equations  and partial differential  equations in mathematical physics.  He is vice Chair of Department of Mathematical Sciences of Seoul National University of Korea.

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