Some Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics

讲座名称: Some Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics
讲座时间 2017-07-13
讲座地点 北二楼1401会议室
讲座人 舒昌



讲座题目:Some Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics
讲座时间:2017年7月13日 上午9:30 -11:00
讲  座 人:Prof. Chang Shu
In the past 25 years, the group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University
of Singapore has made a great effort in the research on computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
A number of numerical methods have been developed and successfully applied to simulate
various fluid flow and heat transfer as well as fluidstructure interaction problems. Some recent 
advances of this development will be reported in this talk. In the talk, we willpresent our recent 
progresses in the development and applications of boundary condition-enforced immersed boundary 
method; phase-field multiphase flow models, lattice Boltzmann flux solver (LBFS) and gas kinetic flux 
solver (GKFS) for simulation of flow and heat transfer problems.





Dr Shu is a Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

from 2006 to present. He received his Ph.D. in Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of

Glasgow, U.K. in 1991, and his M.Eng. in 1986 and B.Eng. in 1983 in Department of Aerodynamics,

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, P. R. China.

Dr Shu has been working in the computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for more than 30 years. Recently,

he developed a series of flux solvers, which are based on the lattice Boltzmann model and gas kinetic

scheme. These solvers can be well applied to simulate fluid flow and heat transfer from incompressible

regime to hypersonic regime. He also made effort to develop some efficient models for simulation of

multiphase flows and flows around moving boundaries. So far, he has authored 2 monographs and published

more than 300 articles in the international referred journals (SCI indexed). So far, his work has been cited more

than 12000 times in Google Scholar Profile. He is currently an Editor-in-chief for book series of “Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics” published by World Scientific Publishing,

and Editor-in-chief for Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (SCI listed).

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