Zero-Visibility Cops-and-Robber Problems onGraphs基于图论的警察小偷博弈模型

讲座名称: Zero-Visibility Cops-and-Robber Problems onGraphs基于图论的警察小偷博弈模型
讲座时间 2017-06-29
讲座地点 管理学院202
讲座人 Boting Yang
讲座题目:Zero-Visibility Cops-and-Robber Problems on Graphs
讲座时间:2017.6.29 15:00-17:00
讲座人:Boting Yang 教授,University of Regina
Abstract: In this talk, we consider the zero-visibilitycops and robber game. We show that the zero-visibility cop-number of a graph isbounded above by its pathwidth and cannot be bounded below by any nontrivialfunction of the pathwidth. As well, we define a monotonic version of this gameand show that the monotonic zero-visibility cop-number can be bounded bothabove and below by positive multiples of the pathwidth.欢迎广大师生参与!



Boting Yang 教授,University of Regina。

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