Probing ferroelectricity with synchrotron light

讲座名称: Probing ferroelectricity with synchrotron light
讲座时间 2017-06-15
讲座地点 曲江校区西六楼409会议室
讲座人 Dmitry Chernyshov
报告题目:Probing ferroelectricity with synchrotron light




Deliberate manipulation of a ferroelectric response requires a detailed description of various processes occurring in a crystal and evaluation of their contributions to piezoelectric constants and field-induced strains. Single crystals of many ferroelectric perovskites frequently show an enhanced electromechanical response as compared with ceramics materials of the same composition. The enhancement is linked to a structural inhomogeneity at different length scales and to a domain structure forming over an inhomogeneous state. Here I show how in-situ diffraction experiments with synchrotron light contribute in the coherent picture of the structural evolution at different length and time scales. I will focus on lead-based perovskite-like materials and discuss relaxor, antiferroelectric and ferroelectric behavior based on the characteristic diffraction signatures as a function of electric field and temperature.



Dmitry Chernyshov博士,现任欧洲同步辐射光源(European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)Swiss-Norwegian Beam Line 负责人。Chernyshov博士于1998年毕业于俄罗斯彼得堡核物理学院(Petersburg Physics Institute),获得数学与物理博士学位。之后分别于彼得堡核物理学院以及瑞士伯尔尼大学任博士后研究员。2005年任欧洲同步辐射光源(ESRF)瑞士-挪威线站驻站科学家,并于2017年出任线站负责人。Chernyshov博士长期致力于同步辐射及原位衍射技术在晶体学、固体物理学以及结构化学方面的应用,至今已发表160余篇同行评议学术论文,并长期担任Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B等期刊的审稿人。

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