How to get published in Nature Materials

讲座名称: How to get published in Nature Materials
讲座时间 2011-09-26
讲座地点 主楼多功能报告厅
讲座人 Joerg Heber

应西安交大“微纳尺度材料行为研究中心(CAMP-Nano)”的邀请,国际著名期刊《自然材料》(Nature Materials, Impact factor: 29.897)的高级编辑Joerg Heber博士将于9月26日来我校访问。届时将做精彩报告,分享在《自然材料》成功投稿的经验。



报告题目:How to get published in Nature Materials


A physicist by training, a Senior Editor of the scientific journal Nature Materials. After several years of research experience in the UK, US and Germany, including industry, he now works at the interface between science and the communication of scientific results. In his role as editor of a leading multidisciplinary scientific journal he sees world-class science on a daily basis and has established close ties to many leading scientists not only in physics but also from related disciplines. In 2010, he spent two months as a visiting professor at The University of Tokyo, teaching science communication.

For the science that excites him, take a look at his blog All That Matters. As a science writer, he has a track record of publishing in-depth news features in magazines such as Nature and New Scientist and is also a frequent contributor to a number of smaller publications with global audience.

Collection of larger journalistic projects that carry him byline:

"Skip the hard cell: Flexible solar power is on its way" New Scientist, issue 2755

"Five ways to revolutionise computer memory" Invited feature. New Scientist, issue 2737, "Surfing the wave" News feature. Nature 461, 720-722

"Enter the oxides" News feature. Nature 459, 28-30

"Bye-bye silicon" Invited feature. New Scientist, issue 2685, pp 35-37

"Print and perish" - Commentary. Nature Materials 7, 512-514

In Nature Milestones in Spin: milestones 9 & 18. A collection of articles about "spin".

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